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Sat 4/20/13   by   in Lifestyle   0

Marijuana Day – 2013

At 4:20pm today, thousands of Canadians will participate in the 42nd year of advocating for the legalization of marijuana. Here’s the way it went down in Toronto’s Dundas Square last year:

Join the stoners on Facebook.
Read about the 420 London Music Festival.

Sun 4/14/13   by   in Book Reviews   1

Book Review: Without

Title: Without
Author: E.E. Borton

When Mother Nature decides to hit the reset switch and turn off all of the electricity, life changes. People react in different ways. Some cope better than others. This somewhat brutal account of one man’s experience isn’t always pleasant, but it’s entirely believable. … Continue Reading

Fri 4/12/13   by   in Uncategorized   0

Driver loses control but it’s a pedestrian who suffers

A pedestrian who was crossing the intersection at Oxford & Adelaide this morning is said to be in critical condition after a vehicle crashed into a light pole and pinned him underneath it. The driver who lost control of the vehicle only has minor injuries.

Tue 4/9/13   by   in Politics, Transit   1

Traffic volume more important than pedestrian lives?

At City Hall yesterday, the Civic Works Committee voted in support of a staff recommendation that a pedestrian signal NOT be installed at the intersection of Richmond and Picadilly. That, despite the fact that 178 pedestrians were counted crossing Richmond Street during an 8-hour study period on November 6th. The committee which chaired by Paul Van Meerbergen also consists of Matt Brown, Stephen Orser, Harold Usher, Sandy White and the Mayor (if he wants to attend).

The staff report was in response to a Council request from early last year. It acknowledges that “the volume of traffic on Richmond Street impacts the pedestrians ability to cross the street.” However, it also unabashedly states, “signals can be detrimental to the operational efficiency of the roadway system.” Continue Reading

Mon 4/8/13   by   in Politics   0

Councillor Henderson’s 3rd-Person Media Release

Dear Constituent;

As you may be aware, has been up and running for a couple of months. Councillor Dale Henderson has launched this site with the intention of communicating with constituents and finding opportunities in his ward. He would like to invite the public, special interest groups, service clubs, … Continue Reading

Thu 3/28/13   by   in Environment, video   0

Solar Thermal Educational Series

Post Carbon London and the Thames Regional Ecological Association (TREA) have just launched a YouTube channel. Continue Reading

Thu 3/28/13   by   in Lifestyle, video   0

Would you bid on something like this?

Some people will bid on almost anything. But what would you do when you got it home? Continue Reading

Mon 3/25/13   by   in Streetfilms, video   0

Streetfilms: Green Lane Project in New York

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