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UPDATE: The first London PhotoWalk took place on April 5th, 2009.  To find out the results CLICK HERE.

After a kind offer from a local Twitter-er to help me improve what photography skills I may have, and the interest of other Twitter-ers to also join up sometime to go on a PhotoWalk I began to think. I began to think of how great it would be if some type of formal PhotoWalk could be organized right here in the Forest City that would allow for members of the community to come together and snap some shots of the city.

I got to thinking that this would be a great opportunity for anyone interested or involved in photography (or even those that just want to be involved in a community social event) to get together, take some shots and learn from each other, whether it is learning about a new technique, a new location to go and shoot at, or just to meet new people in the community. This could be an opportunity for people wanting to get into photography to come out and get exposure from people that have been in that same position in the past.

I know that in the past a few local photographers who have connected though Twitter and the New Media Meetup (aka Geek Dinner) have tried to organize a small photowalk, but because of scheduling and other responsibilities things just didn’t work out. I thought it would be great if all of us could organize something together in order to assemble a semi-large amount of people to head out together. I figured what better place to do this than through From My Bottom Step.

Perhaps individuals would like to get together on a Saturday afternoon, or perhaps during a weeknight, some might even walk to incorporate a London PhotoWalk into the Friday night before or Sunday morning after PodCamp London (even if you aren’t heading to pclo09) I don’t know.

What I wanted to do was present the idea, get feedback from those that would be interested, get some suggestions for a date, time and place and see if there are other comments or suggestions that could make a Forest City Photowalk happen.

What do you all think? When would be convenient for you?  Where would you want to head to take photographs?

Lets get some ideas flowing about how we car organize something.  I’m all ears.



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  1. Hey all. I was thinking probably the best place to start would be downtown London, simply because it should be accessible by all and has varied routes we could take.

  2. It is odd I should see this today. I have been doing “Photowalks” the past few weeks and intend on doing them often throughout the summer. I have posted my photos on a few blogs and MySpace. I am sure ALL of them (3 so far, I think) have been posted at I for one would be greatly interested in doing my walks with company.

  3. I want to do a shoot of Dundas East before the demolishion starts, then maybe progress shots. At least another shoot way down the road when the work is done.

    A good day-long shoot would be along the bike paths. Now I am thinking some could do photobikings. A whole new concept.

    I had a thought about London: A History in Pictures. Or some such name. The idea was to post pictures of London landmarks, scenes or whatever and have others comment on the history of said landmark, or even person for that matter. In one of my photos my mom saw a building the she remembered as a funeral home. She couldn’t recall the name. It was my contention that is she were to post a comment about that place once being a funeral home and not recalling the name, that someone else may reply with the name. Then another with other tidbits. Kinda’ like a local history Wikia inspired by photos. Hmm…first one to make this so might be onto something. :P

    • Randy, I hold the one name study for the Yeo clan and wondered where you fit in to our enormous tree. I have numerous Yeos in Canada that I am trying to trace the roots of and wondered if you could help me. If you go to you will see that many people world wide have pooled all their information to share and this has meant we now have an enormous tree back to William Yeo who was Sheriff of Devon in 1356. Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Sheila

  4. So I’ve attempted to use my amazing Google Document skills to set up a little survey (shown at the end of this post) to let people input when they would like to get together. This might make things a little easier to find a common time.

  5. I’d love to join the photowalk. My sister Kate would be interested in coming too I’m sure. My schedule is all over the place until after May 2 but in general weeknights and weekends are best for me.

  6. Erica: I never thought of evening or night shoots. I prefer sunshine myself, but can now think of some interesting night scenes. Like Richmond Row on a Friday night around 11.

  7. I’m very interested in joining the ‘walk, but my schedule has been quite packed lately. I tried to use the survey thing, but it’s misbehaving — so, I’ll reiterate it here — Mondays and Thursdays are best for me, and everything else is generally spoken for. However, if we do something at lunchtime downtown, I’m game any day.

  8. I’ve interested and up for it. I tried to get one going last year when Scott Kelby had his mega photowalk worldwide. I found out really last min and then couldn’t find anyone. Sundays and Mondays are best for me right now. Early evening would be great to incorporate the sun setting and awesome light you get right at dusk.

  9. Just another suggestion, what about scheduling some around special events. Maybe shooting fireworks on Victoria Day or sports photography during the 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

  10. Jason:

    Thats what I was hoping for int he future, however, just wanted to get a feel for how many people would be interested at first.

    Was thinking that a cool shoot would be the Dragon Boat races up at Fanshawe Dam (if they still have them) always lots to see and do, plus the great natural setting.

  11. Weather certainly comes into play. I don’t mind shooting in the rain in the summer, but not now. Call me a wimp if you wish. :P

    I often find organization to cause more trouble than it is worth. By the time all is “organized” weeks may slip by. I am more of a “good idea, let’s do it” kinda’ guy.

    So, with the weather and my basic philosophy in mind……

    According to we are looking at low temperatures and rain all week, except for Friday. Friday boasts a reasonable 11 degrees, sunny with 10kmh northwesterly winds. Looks like a fine photo day. Of course, that could change. That day could shift to Saturday which would be much better according to the poll.

    For now though, it is Friday. Let’s start there and keep an eye on the weather and adjust accordingly. If the weather channel’s prediction remains true, I will be around the old and “new” courthouse (Dundas and Ridout) from 10:00am to 10:30am. Perhaps before I’ll go shoot that “classic” London shot looking east from the Wharncliffe bridge. From the courthouses we can decide whether we want to go south west along the river towards Springbank, or north east along the river towards UWO. Both are nice walks with frequent outs for those who are tired.

    Friday March 27. 10:00-10:30am. Somewhere around the courthouses. I’ll be the guy with the camera.

  12. Just a thought, but perhaps some people would be willing to consider releasing some of their photos with a CC license so that they could be used by anybody to promote London. A grassroots London Ambassadors project that doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything.

  13. If I took a picture of a house, who would own it? Me for taking the picture or the person who owned the house? I figure if I post it online, it is free to anyone. Maybe I should state that on my sites.

  14. Randy: If you take the photo then you automatically have a copyright on it. Posting it to the web doesn’t change that. But if you attach a CC license to it, then other people can legally use it within the terms of that license. For more information:

  15. One thing to keep in mind is that a large group of people walking around with cameras make people nervous. I would suggest if an event is in order that the meeting place be away from the event and then breaking into smaller groups.

    I’m really looking forward to meeting some fellow shooter here in London, just a warning, I’m a people photographer and photographers are people too, so I may just turn my lens on you ;-P

  16. Friday (tomorrow) is still looking like a fine day. I could not help but notice nobody posted saying they will be walking with me. That’s fine, I’ll still be there. If nobody shows up we’ll at least know Friday mornings are not good.

  17. It is now Friday. 8:41am. The first Photowalk starts in 1hr 15m. At 10:30 or so I’ll be heading north along the river (Harris Park). If you miss the start, maybe you can catch up.

  18. Randy. I didn’t respond as per today’s meetup as I work during the week days and it is not fesible for me to meetup during this time.

    This weekend I hope to put a formal post together for an organized time when more people should be able to meet based on what people have indicated.

    It’s great weather out there, hope that you enjoy it today.

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  20. Okay, so it is decided. Friday mornings are not good. At least not this one. It was good for me. I shot 196 pictures before my 32mb disc was full. I had started at the court house and went down through Harris Park. I came up at Blackfriars and started back south up Ridout. I was shooting until I reached the Eldon House when I ran outta’ disc space.

    I went back uptown and bought a 64mb disc at Shoppers, but it didn’t read. Fortunately they game me my $22.59 back. I checked a few places for a memory chip and finally caught the bus home. At the Shoppers next to me, wityh a much bigger photo section, they had a 2gb chip for $25. LOL Here I was thinking a 64mb was more than enough. I never ran out before, now I odds are stronger I never will.

    I am currently uploading the pictures to Photobucket where I will attempt to make a slide show to share.

  21. Hmm…I thought I posted this last night, but maybe I messed up somewhere along the line. Since Photobucket only allows 50 pictures per slide show, it took 4 shows to present all the pics. You acn see them all as the first 4 entries on this page:

  22. Here is another Photobucket page. This one is for FMBS, 420-friendly, and anyone else to post London, Ontario photos to. I set it so I have to approve uploads just in case we get some that are not suitable. I don’t expect this from any of my friends or Greg’s friends, but you never know.

  23. Randy:

    Sorry I missed the photowalk, my son had a doctor’s appointment. At least it looks like you had fun.

    BTW, how did you find a store still selling a 64MB card? What format is it? And as you can tell you seriously overpaid for the first one, thankfully it didn’t work so you could return it.

    I do like the idea of structured as well as random photowalks because my commitments at home often mean I can’t always attend a weekly event.

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