Does Ronald McDonald Have High Blood Pressure?

It’s a fair question, considering the way that McDonald’s pushes sodium at it’s customers.

I visited the Dundas/Richmond outlet a while back after a full day of meetings and not overly anxious to do any cooking when I got home. With all that I’d heard about this restaurant chain’s new and supposedly “healthier” menu choices, I was a bit upset to learn that I couldn’t get any fries without salt unless I was willing to wait while a “special order” was prepared for me.

What’s wrong with McDonald’s customers? Aren’t the ones who want to add salt to their meals capable of adding it themselves?


Does Ronald McDonald Have High Blood Pressure? — 3 Comments

  1. I sometimes want my fries not to be salty and i really feel “special” because of this. The only time I get my un-salted fries w/o waiting was when I got to the counter at the exact moment when the fries are being drained of its oil.

  2. They need to make wiser choices as a business. They need to stop salting the food down so much and let the customer decide.

    Last time I looked at one of their “nutrition” lists, it read like a chemistry project and was so loaded down with salt (even a burger) that there is no way i’d eat it even if I was paid to.

    I also don’t believe in eating food that doesn’t spoil :)

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