Does Ronald McDonald Have High Blood Pressure?

It’s a fair question, considering the way that McDonald’s pushes sodium at it’s customers.

I visited the Dundas/Richmond outlet a while back after a full day of meetings and not overly anxious to do any cooking when I got home. With all that I’d heard about this restaurant chain’s new and supposedly “healthier” menu choices, I was a bit upset to learn that I couldn’t get any fries without salt unless I was willing to wait while a “special order” was prepared for me.

What’s wrong with McDonald’s customers? Aren’t the ones who want to add salt to their meals capable of adding it themselves?

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3 Responses to “Does Ronald McDonald Have High Blood Pressure?”

  1. Jason Saunders Says:

    I sometimes want my fries not to be salty and i really feel “special” because of this. The only time I get my un-salted fries w/o waiting was when I got to the counter at the exact moment when the fries are being drained of its oil.

  2. Chris McDonald Says:

    They need to make wiser choices as a business. They need to stop salting the food down so much and let the customer decide.

    Last time I looked at one of their “nutrition” lists, it read like a chemistry project and was so loaded down with salt (even a burger) that there is no way i’d eat it even if I was paid to.

    I also don’t believe in eating food that doesn’t spoil :)

  3. Greg Fowler Says:

    Agreed. I only wish that my fridge had a smart crisper that reminded me there was stuff in it before it can go bad :(

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