A Questionable Way to Bow Out

Veteran London councillor Bernie MacDonald stunned everybody at last night’s Council meeting with his late withdrawal from the election campaign (watch the Online London video).

It’s too bad that he chose this way of leaving what many would call a distinguished political career.

Bernie was considered by most experienced local political pundits as being virtually unassailable. That, and his early entry into the campaign, is very likely the reason that there are so few candidates for election in ward 3.

Was it fair of him to wait so long before letting people know that he woudn’t be on this year’s ballot?

OTOH, what does it say about the two individuals who did decide to contest the election in that ward? Despite the prospect of having small chance of success, they obviously cared enough about something to toss their names into the contest. It’s encumbent upon the voters of that ward to find out as much as they can about the two. And with less than 2 months left to go before voting day, there’s no time left to lose.

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