Should We Learn to Love Weeds?

ETC will have a look at the issue of weed control as part of it’s agenda on Monday.

One of the questions that local politicians have to ask themselves, particularly with LFPress and the Mayor’s most visible challenger trying to characterize this municipal election as being all about taxes that are purportedly too high, is what services local ratepayers are prepared to sacrifice in order to reduce costs, what level is “good enough” for what services, and what services are “essential” to what demographics (because we’re NOT all the same).

When I saw this item on the ETC agenda, I immediately remembered a BBC article that I’d just read (divine providence?)

Should We Learn to Love Weeds? suggests that perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective, that maybe “weeds” are simply plants that are misunderstood and under-appreciated.

I won’t regurgitate the article here. It’s very well written and you’d do better to go and read it for yourself first-hand.

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