A visit from the Beehive Design Collective

This audio recording captures some of what members of an arts and storytelling group called the Beehive Design Collective had to say about their work, during one of their events here in London. Reactions and thoughts from a few locals who attended that Beehive workshop also are part of the recording.

You can listen to the recording here (on the Media Co-op).

The Beehive collective recently visited London and Sarnia for four events. Photos and promo posters from the London events can be viewed here and here — where there also is more background. This post has photos and background for the Sarnia event, near Chemical Valley. More than anything, all of these events were about Latin American solidarity and environmental justice. Yet, those words don’t even begin to convey the depth, the interconnections, and the creativity that the Bees have to offer.

This post was put together for people who haven’t been to one of their events, to give some sense of who the Beehive collective are and what they do — partly through sample images.

The audio recording posted here is from an interactive workshop in the East Village Arts venue in London. This event was their last in this region of Ontario — for now.

A couple of locals’ input and questions are snipped out of the recording shortly during the discussion about why the Bees use animal and insect images. The recording wasn’t meant to capture the group discussion. But I should explain that it was one of the participants who actually first mentioned how humans were presented in ‘Soviet’ propaganda.

The three people who say what they thought of the event — at the end of the recording — all are university students (like I am). One of those locals also is actively involved in the East Village Arts collective.

If you want to book or track down the Beehive Design Collective, here is their tour and booking page. The Bees are based out of a town in the state of Maine, but they also have a small presence in Toronto, Canada.

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